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What is CPAP Machines

Things to Consider Before Buying CPAP Machines (7)

What is CPAP Machines

How Does CPAP Machines Work?

A CPAP’s device’s motor releases a continuous flow of pressurized air, which travels to the flexible tube through an air filter. The tube then passes on purified air to a mask that covers your mouth or nose. When you are asleep, the airflow from the CPAP device pushes against the blockages. That opens up your air passing ways so that your lungs get to receive a massive amount of oxygen.

What is a CPAP Machines?

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP devices are known as the most common way for treating obstructive sleep apnea. A CPAP machines delivers a steady or constant flow of oxygen into your mouth and nose while you are asleep. The pressure in CPAP is greater than the atmospheric pressure, which is applied continuously to your upper respiratory tract. That helps to prevent upper airway collapse. Generally, the pressure range of this gadget is between 6 and 14 cmH2O.

Types of CPAP Machines?

All CPAP devices generally possess similar basic components. Components like a motor, cushioned mask, tube connecting the motor to the mask, headgear frame, elbow pieces, and adjustable straps can be found in every CPAP machines. However, the only thing that differs is the type of mask attached to it. The type of mask suitable for you entirely depends on your breathing habits and sleeping disorder if you have. Generally, there are three types of masks available. They are nasal pillow masks, full masks, and nasal masks.

What are the Benefits of CPAP Machines?

By providing continuous air pressure, the CPAP machines prevent breathing interruptions, which is the significant benefit of this gadget. But there are some other benefits too. That includes making your sleep quality better, improves your ability to sleep without waking you up, helps in lowering blood pressures, and reduces daytime sleepiness. Apart from these, a CPAP gadget also helps to reduce your cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Also, it tends to lower risks of stroke, heart attack, or any other cardiovascular condition.

What are the Side Effects of CPAP Machines?

Though CPAP devices help you to experience a better-quality sound sleep, there could be some side effects for some patients. These discomforts include nasal congestion, nose bleeding, dry mouth, and a bloated feeling because of the air. Along with that, it can even cause sores or skin irritation due to the mask straps. That can cause discomfort and difficulty in falling asleep in the beginning. But it gets used to with time. Some patients can even undergo the feeling of anxiety or claustrophobia. In such cases, it is better to prescribe a respiratory specialist or contact your physician. Since now you know so much about CPAP machines, you can begin your journey with Respbuy to make your first experience comfier and more peaceful.

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