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How are nasal masks effective in CPAP Therapy to treat sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea has become a fatal and huge health issue globally. The bigger deal is to recognize all the dangers and ways of treatment. In such cases, the specific standard and usual treatment is CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy using a CPAP nasal mask. It is worn by patients during the night to have an undisturbed and efficient sleep.

Benefits of using a nasal mask for sleeping disorder

If someone is experiencing breathing difficulty during sleep, it is highly possible that he or she is suffering from sleep apnea. Most of the physicians recommend going through CPAP therapy to help patients with comfortable breathing. Nasal masks are one of the most popular gadgets for sleep apnea treatment and are serving patients for the past several years.

How do nasal masks work, and who requires them?

A nasal CPAP mask keeps the nose of the patients covered from the bridge to the upper-lip portion. It causes an indirect airflow to get delivered through the nasal mask. These masks are ideal for most of the patients who require higher pressure settings. They offer versatile options and settings and thus are popular among the patients.

Several people move around in their sleep a lot. To be more specific, nasal masks are used to treat people who suffer from the sleep-walking problem. Patients suffering from sleep apnea mostly requires a higher pressure setting in the machine. Nasal CPAP masks work perfectly for such patients. Nasal masks offer a decent selection of mask options, and the patients can choose according to their needs. The best thing about nasal masks is that they provide more natural airflow.

Because of the availability of huge variations in fits and sizes, nasal masks are more popular among patients compared to the other types of masks. The cushioned nature of nasal masks offers better comfortability to the patients. Apart from delivering more natural and indirect airflow, it also works better than the nasal pillows for deep settings. The variety in styles fits almost every type of facial structure and feature. Nasal masks are not only for people suffering from sleep-walking but also for the people who sleep on their sides.

The headgears of the masks are often easy to pull on and adjust whenever needed. The low profile designed masks help the patients to wear in any places flexibly. The nasal masks with vent technology are designed to reduce noises. They come with an incredibly soft and curved cushion-like finish and cradles comfortably under the nose. They are ideal for the side sleepers because of the narrow design and appropriate sealing. Because of their handy nature, they are easy to take apart, clean, and reassemble.

Besides being comfortable, nasal masks reduce the overall leak. They require less therapeutic pressure and has high adherence. The lower or no maintenance cost also gives it an upper hand. These masks reduce the risk of aspiration, the risk of CO2 rebreathing, and the risk of aerophagia.

How to select a nasal mask?

It comes down to your needs while selecting a nasal mask. Among the large range of types available, do not accept an uncomfortable nasal mask just for the sake of wearing it.

A lightweight nasal mask that comes with comfortable silicone or gel must be prioritized. For a clear field of vision, an unobtrusive-designed mask must be selected. They also provide better coverage over the nose. The low cumbersome nature of the nasal masks made it a popular device during recent years to treat sleep apnea. These masks are suitable for the people who breathe through the nose, but the people who breathe through the mouth may need to use a nasal mask with a chin strap so that the mouth stays closed.

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