Why do mask cushions act as an effective treatment of Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is a very common breathing disorder that occurs while sleeping. But it is curable. Cushion masks are one of the best solutions to treat Sleep Apnea. The correct choice of these masks is also important for proper ventilation and comfort during sleep. The cushion masks serve as a vital and effective gear to face breathing issues.

Benefits of mask cushions in treating Sleep Apnea

Mask cushions are very options for some people. Claustrophobic people cannot handle large masks across their faces. So, mask cushions serve as the best alternative for large masks. The mask cushions do not block eyes much and have little direct contact with the face.

Men with facial hairs and moustaches face troubles with masks that seal around the nose and the mouth. So, to reduce the air leak, they wear the mask downwards so tight that it becomes more uncomfortable than the previous state. Mask cushions eliminate this drawback by providing comfort through the cushions.

People use mask cushions to avoid unnecessary marks on the face. The mask interface or the straps are liable to give marks on the face. They also use multiple mask cushions of various styles to wear them alternately and likewise curtail the markings. Thus, mask cushions have these major advantages in treating Sleep Apnea.

How to use Mask Cushions?

Mask cushions are majorly used to ease the respiration system of a patient suffering from breathing problems. The cushion-like structure lies around the nose, which seals the area so that air can pass directly to the nose without any disturbance.

The mask cushions are placed at the nostril entrance in such a way that they stay there tightly enough so that no leakage occurs. It should be attached to the face maintaining the comfort level of the wearer. It should neither be too loose for leakage nor too tight to become uncomfortable.

Interruptions in the air supply while breathing causes lots of fuss to lung patients and people suffering from Sleep Apnea. The mask cushions are generally used with the CPAP and BiPAP devices for extra comfort of the user.

How efficiently do mask cushions work?

The efficiency of mask cushions is widely acclaimed by every user. People demand mask cushions because of their properties. The product is mainly manufactured to provide comfort. So, they are used to soothe the skin area where the large tight masks are placed. The masks work best at low-to-moderate pressure settings.

Since the airflow that is directed towards the nostrils may be uncomfortable at high settings, so the mask cushions give some ease to the people. Doctors recommend this mask cushion to patients who toss and turn in sleep, claustrophobic, and have lots of facial hairs.

Regular nasal masks make it hard for the wearer to watch TV or read before going to bed. But mask cushions make it easier for the wearer to do those things as it provides more vision than the full-face masks provide.

The mask cushions also allow people to wear glasses as they do not cover the bridge of the nose. The application of mask cushion is confined with just the nostril area. Thus, it provides immense comfort to the wearer.

The mask cushions are compact and light-weight substance. So, many claustrophobic patients prefer them as it covers a little space. People also prefer them because they do not touch or cover many areas of their faces.

Unlike regular masks, this mask does not permit air to go out. After fitting regular masks on the face, it may have some spaces through which air may get out. Thus, due to lack of obtaining enough air, the wearer may feel clumsy, and health may deteriorate. But the mask cushion does not give any chance to air to leak.

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