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How is a Nasal Pillow Mask Effective in the Treatment of Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is one of the major health problems rising across the globe. About 80% of these sleep apnea cases encounter severe undiagnosed OSA or obstructive sleep apnea. The risks and fatality of this disease can be life-threatening. The most popular treatment for these diseases is a CPAP mask. It provides continuous positive airway pressure so that tranquillity remains constant during sleep. 

Benefits of nasal pillow mask to treat sleep apnea:

The standard type of treatment for dangerous sleeping disorders like sleep apnea is to provide CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure therapy. Experts or physicians globally recommend patients with a sleeping disorder undergo such treatment. For comfortable breathing, CPAP therapy using a nasal pillow mask can be used for five to six hours every night.

How does nasal pillow masks work, and for whom are they recommended?

Nasal pillow masks are worn by the patients over the nose and mouth. A hose is used to connect the mask and the CPAP machine. The machine pushes pressured air into the airway of the patient to keep the airway open during their sleep. These nasal pillow masks are prescribed to patients who require low to moderate pressure settings. The direct airflow to the nostrils can be uncomfortable for patients in high-pressure settings.

Sleep apnea can prove to be severe in some patients. The patients who toss and frequently turn in their sleep are highly in need of this type of mask. The larger masks often prove to be claustrophobic for the patients. Thus, these compact and comfortable pillow masks are recommended. The people who have a lot of facial hair, breathe through their nose, and not through the mouth during sleep require this mask.

Many patients like to read books or watch TV before going to sleep. The regular CPAP masks may make these tasks harder for them. In such cases, the nasal pillow masks provide wider and better vision than the other traditional and full-face masks. The nasal pillow masks also allow the patients to wear their glasses because of the absence of coverage over the nose’s bridge.

Claustrophobia is itself a fatal health issue and becomes more life-threatening for sleep apnea patients. The nasal pillow masks offer minimal face coverage that contributes to comfortability. The claustrophobic patients claim that the lightweight nature of the product prevents them from feeling claustrophobic. It makes sense because there are not a lot of materials in these masks that touch the face of the patients.

Another advantage of these nasal pillow masks is that they reduce air leakage. This is because they direct air into the nasal passage of sleep apnea patients. The patient having a beard or moustache may feel uncomfortable with a standard CPAP mask because getting a proper seal becomes problematic. They mostly fit over the nose or around the mouth to lessen the air leak. It becomes necessary to clinch the mask tightly, which makes it uncomfortable to wear. But, with the nasal pillow masks, the continuous positive airflow pressure is pumped directly into the patient’s nostrils.

What to consider while selecting a nasal pillow mask?

The nasal pillow masks do not leave facial marks, either of the straps or the mask’s interface. These masks come in multiple styles, which can be selected by the patients according to their needs and desires.

Among the various styles and designs available, select a nasal pillow mask not only because of minimal design but also consider the smallest ones as per your comfortability. Pick up a mask whose nasal tubes are soft and are properly secured by comfortable straps. Moreover, the availability of a wide range of sizes and fits makes it perfect for any user.

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