Finding a mask that fits is a critical factor in sticking with therapy. Everyone breathes and sleeps different, so our certified experts are readily available to guide you the right one for you. Not sure where to start? A RespBuy Sleep Champion can help you achieve the perfect fit.
Different types of CPAP or BIPAP masks: Which is the right one for you?

There are different types of CPAP or BIPAP masks available for sleep apnea or COPD.

The CPAP or BIPAP mask is an important part of your overall therapy, delivering the air from the CPAP or BIPAP machine to your nose and mouth. The CPAP mask should be as comfortable, and should offer a complete seal around your nose and/or mouth to prevent leakage and that too without leaving marks on your face or irritating your skin.

What are the different types of masks available for CPAP or BIPAP Users?

There are three main types of CPAP or BIPAP masks available in different sizes. Always make sure you order correct size which depends on your facial structure. In case you need any help with sizing, please do contact us.

  • Full face masks: Cover your nose and your mouth and normally work for mouth breather and an obvious choice for BIPAP users.
  • Nasal masks fit over your nose only, offering a lighter fit than full face masks, Most of the CPAP users use either nasal or a nasal pillow mask describer below.
  • Nasal pillow masks are even more lightweight and minimal than nasal masks, offering a high level of openness and visibility. These masks are becoming popular these days.

You may probably have concluded by now that a lighter mask would be more suitable for you over a heavier one, or a smaller mask over a bigger one. Hang on! There are other factors to consider as well. For example, masks that cover more of your face can sometimes offer a better seal against leaking, leading to improved therapy. Similarly, if you have facial hair, you may find that you need a larger mask to get a better seal. Or, if you have claustrophobia, it’s likely that a smaller mask will feel more comfortable.

The majority of CPAP or BIPAP masks fall within the three categories describer above. However, please note that they’re not the only types of CPAP masks. Less frequently prescribed masks include total face masks (covering the whole face), oral masks (covering the mouth only) and hybrid masks (offering various combinations of the previously described CPAP masks).

At RespBuy, we keep latest collection of all CPAP or BIPAP masks. In case you have any questions about CPAP or BIPAP masks, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We also provide mask cushions, frames or headgear replacements. This could help you save some money by just replacing the part which needs to be replaced.

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