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What are the most common CPAP machine-related problems and discomforts, and how to solve them?

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What are the most common CPAP machine-related problems and discomforts, and how to solve them?

CPAP device is definitely a great option to receive the proper treatment for patients with sleep apnea. The CPAP machine works to offer a singular pressure delivery for reducing the breathing obstruction while sleeping. Hence it simply works as a great option for those who are suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnea. However, sometimes it can occur with some of the complications and discomfort for the patients of sleep apnea which can cause problems for them to receive the proper amount of air, rather it makes the situation difficult. So what are those complications? Have a look:

Uncomfortable experience

The most common problem that the CPAP therapy receivers usually face is the uncomfortable pressure range and complications regarding it. This can often occur if your CPAP machine is not having the proper syncing with your mask. Moreover, if you are a beginner, then it is going to be a very prominent problem for you. It is better to try to wear the mask during the daytime to get comfortable with it. Also, it is important not to skip your therapy to get accustomed to the therapy so that you can get easier with the range of pressure.

Difficulty in tolerating the forced air

The first thing you need to overcome with your CPAP device is the discomfort due to the forced air. You may be able to overcome this situation using a ramp feature. The ramp feature in a best CPAP machine helps you to start with a lower level of pressure at the beginning. The ramp feature then slowly opts for increasing the air pressure automatically as per the requirement of your prescribed setting as soon as you fall asleep. In case this feature is not helping you, then you have to consult with your doctor.

Dry and stuffy nose situation

One of the very irritating difficulties that you are going to face along with the CPAP device therapy is the stuffy or dry nose. In case your mask is not fitting well, then this kind of problem can occur.  In such cases, you need to tighten your mask straps to prevent the leakage of air pressure. A CPAP device that comes along with a heated humidifier can help you in such situations. A humidifier is going to retain the moisture balance along with your CPAP therapy. Also, you can apply a nasal saline spray before going to bed to get rid of the stuffy nose situations.

Difficulty in falling asleep

Wearing a CPAP mask for some time during the daytime is going to help you in easing out the situations while you go to fall asleep during the night. The difficulty in falling asleep can occur due to many reasons. Whether the pressure range is uncomfortable or the mask is bothering you, everything is going to hamper your sleep. Thus it is important to make sure that the pressure range and the mask are appropriate for you. Following the general sleeping habits can also be very helpful for you. Try to avoid caffeine or any alcohol consumption before bedtime. Also, having your exercises regularly can improve the situation.

Bothering noise

Another very popular problem with the CPAP devices is it bothering noise. The continuous noise making of the machine can actually bother your sleep. However, make sure you are switching to the modern CPAP machines, which are almost silent. But if the noise of your device is too much bothersome, then make sure you are checking if the device filter is clean or not. If the noise gets worse, then ask your doctor or the device to determine if the machine is appropriate for you or not.

Drying out of mouth

Just like the drying of the nose, the drying out of the mouth due to the CPAP treatment can occur as another irritating problem for you. If you are a mouth breather, then you need to keep your mouth open during the night.  Hence some of the CPAP devices can worsen the situation with the drying of the mouth. In such cases, a chin strap can help your mouth stay closed and reduce the leaking of air through your mask. Also, picking a full-face mask can help you much in such cases. You can also consider a CPAP-heated humidifier that attaches to your air-pressure machine and can reduce your struggle.


Facing some of the common problems with the CPAP device at the beginning of your therapy is normal, and you are going to be easy with it as time passes. But if it seems that you are still facing problems in the long term, then it is important to consult your doctor.

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