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What is CPAP Machine? Know All Facts About it

Things to Consider Before Buying CPAP Machines (6)

What is CPAP Machine? Know All Facts About it

CPAP or Continuous Positive airway pressure therapy is an essential method to treat obstructive sleep apnea. The CPAP Machine work as a common component for treating obstructive sleep apnea to offer reduced airway blockage during sleeping. With its hose and a mask, the CPAP therapy devices delivers a constant and steady air pressure which reduces the stress and obstructiveness of breathing during sleeping.

Hence, to treat the mild to moderate or even severe level of sleep apnea, your physician can prescribe you a CPAP method of treatment. However, regarding the treatment few questions can definitely pop-up in your mind. Hence here are the answers to a few of the common questions:


1. Does CPAP Therapy Make the Nose Dry and Stuffy?

it completely depended on the type of mask you are using. It is important to ensure that the mask is fitting well. If you are combining your CPAP therapy device with a leaky mask, then it is surely going to dry out your nose.
In case you need to tighten your straps quite often to prevent air leakage, then be sure about the fact that your mask is not fighting properly. Thus, problems like nose drying or stuffy nose can easily occur.

2. How do I prevent drying out of my nose?

To get rid of the problems like drying out of your nose, it is better to pick a mask that fits your face shape properly. A CPAP device with a heated humidifier that gets attached to the air pressure machine can help you in various ways to keep your passages moisturized. Also, it is very easy to adjust the level for the humidification, which lets you have a comfortable therapy session during the time of sleeping. You can also consider using nasal saline spray before sleeping to keep your nose away from stuffing and drying.

3. Do CPAP devices use filters?

Yes, the CPAP device comes with at least one filter, which works to purify the air to deliver very clean air. Most of the devices use a filter with foam material which is easy to wash. Also, there are some devices that use disposable paper filters with fine filtration for delivering proper healthy air.

4. How often is it needed to clean the filter?

If you have washable foam filters in your CPAP device, then you need to clean it as soon as it tends to change the color. Many manufacturers recommend cleaning the filters weekly with running water and dry them to reinstall the device. If you live in a very dusty environment, the foam filter needs to get the cleaning twice or thrice a week.

5. What are the data-capable CPAP machines?

The data-capable CPAP machines come with advanced settings. These kinds of machines are capable of tracking the progress of your therapy and track your performance also. This data is very useful to use to determine how effective the treatment is for you. With the help of this data, your doctor can prescribe you the next treatment method in case any change is required in the mask or in the pressure setting.

6. Which device is suitable for high-pressure settings, CPAP or BiPAP?

The CPAP machine delivers continuous air pressure through a single passageway. On the other hand, a BiPAP machine uses double pressure ways for delivering the air pressure. In case you are facing any kind of irritation with your CPAP devices for the higher pressure setting, then switching to a BiPAP device is going to help you in effective ways.

7. What is a ramp in a CPAP machine?

The ramp button in a CPAP machine is included to allow you to have a very gradual pressure building up range as per your suitability. Especially for those who need to have a higher pressure setting, the ramp helps them to have an easy delivery without unnecessary irritations

8. What is referred to as exhalation relief?

The exhalation relief in most advanced devices works as a comfort feature. The exhalation relief reduces the airflow during the time of exhalation and makes the breathing process easier for those who have a higher-pressure range.

9. What is C-Flex in CPAP devices?

C-Flex works as a pressure relief feature that is used to make breathing through a CPAP device easier. It reduces the pressure during the beginning of exhalation and then returns to the therapeutic pressure before the inhalation.

10. What is EPR with Easy-breathe?

The EPR or Expiratory Pressure Relief works as a pressure relief feature. The EPR in a CPAP device reduces the pressure during the exhalation process to make the breathing much comfortable. It comes with a very smooth waveform which helps in making the breathing feel much natural.

Here at Respbuy, we offer all the high-quality CPAP devices, which come with advanced functionalities, essential for treating obstructive sleep apnea.

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