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All Fact About BiPAP Devices

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All Fact About BiPAP Devices

What is a BiPAP Devices?

Bilevel positive airway pressure or BiPAP devices is generally a type of non-invasive ventilation therapy for better breathing. You can use these devices in hospitals, but anybody in need can also use them at home. Machines for home are more compact and don’t occupy much space.
The reason behind designing these devices is to double the pressure while one inhales to keep the nose and throat airways open. It is also preferable for patients suffering from congestive heart failure and severe disease that affects lungs & hearts.

How Does it Work?

Just like other ventilation devices, BiPAP machines also use pressure for pushing air into the patient’s lungs. There are generally two air pressure settings, which is why it is known as “bi-level.” And based on the settings, it sets the air pressure. Along with that, it improves the oxygen level of blood by decreasing the level of carbon dioxide. Generally, while you breathe in, this machine delivers more air pressure. And it reduces the air pressure while breathing out. Some BiPAP machines also come with a timer. That helps to maintain a particular number of breaths per minute.

What is the Use of BiPAP Devices?

BiPAP machines are known to be useful for diseases chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), central sleep apnea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and obstructive sleep apnea. They often use to treat breathing emergencies like issues in hospitals as they are non-invasive. Doctors prefer to use them in situations that are not so severe, for example, respiratory failure cases due to pneumonia, COPD flare-up, or pulmonary edema. For such patients, BiPAP can bring the situation under control.

What is the Pressure Range of a BiPAP Devices?

Patients can adjust the pressure range of the BiPAP devices as per their requirements. Generally, it is better to use it with a pressure range of 3-25 cmH2O. However, the ability to adjust the EPAP (exhale) and IPAP (inhale) is up to 22 cmH2O. This is mainly for those patients who require higher pressures. There are some auto-detection BiPAP machines as well. For most of the auto Bilevel machines, the pressure support range measures 0-12 cmH2O.

Are There Any Side Effects of BiPAP Devices?

Everything comes with positive and negative effects. Similarly, when it comes to using BiPAP Devices, there are some side effects as well. Usually, there are mild side effects like bloating, nasal dryness, sinus pressure, runny nose, etc. Other than these, there exist no such side effects. However, you might come up with problems like tight masks or heavy airflow. But these are adjustable. Thus, to ensure a safe, more comfortable, and hassle-free experience, you can purchase your BiPAP device from Respbuy. Here, we provide the best quality devices with a complete warranty.

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