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Tips for using CPAP devices in the right way


Tips for using CPAP devices in the right way

Whether you are suffering from severe sleep apnea or struggling with moderate breathing obstacles, CPAP is one of the most popular methods that your physician will prescribe you. Thus, it is important to make sure that you are following the right method and tricks while using CPAP devices to get effective treatment. The therapy will not work properly unless you are using it in the right way.

So, it is important to follow all the essential tips which can make your treatment effective to let you breathe properly while sleeping. Here is how you use it properly:

How to sleep comfortably while using CPAP devices?

If your doctor prescribes you CPAP devices for your sleep apnea treatment, then you need to make sure that you are using them regularly. Though the device will feel a bit irritating at the beginning, it will take some time to get adjusted to the pressure of the CPAP air. Thus, keep some patience.

Try to wear it during the daytime when you are watching TV or reading a book to make yourself get habituated with the pressure range. It is important to use the CPAP device regularly is to make the treatment effective and life-changing for you.

Ensure proper fitting of the CPAP device

As you use a CPAP device for your treatment, it will deliver the air through a CPAP mask. To make your therapy comfortable, the mask makes much difference. Make sure the mask is not much tight. If you are using a too tight mask, then it can be much uncomfortable.

A firm and snug fit is the most suitable one to get effective air delivery. In case you feel that the mask is too tight, then you can try loosening the straps a little bit.

Pick the right accessories for your treatment

To make your therapy more effective, it is important to make sure that you are using the right accessories. So, here are the accessories that you should use:

Mask Liners

To make your treatment effective and to prevent any irritation, you can consider using mask liners. It helps the masks to prevent leaks, which leads to more steady pressure delivery.

CPAP Pillows

The CPAP pillows are designed to accommodate the CPAP hose and mask properly. This effective to make sure that your device is delivering an easy flow of air pressure.

Hose Covers

Hose covers are highly helpful to reduce any condensation in your CPAP hose.

How to prevent yourself from removing the CPAP mask in the middle of the night?

One of the most common problems that the CPAP users face during their treatment is, removing the mask at night. This can happen either unknowingly or if you are facing any irritation. 

Most of the time, you may not even remember that you have removed the mask. However, it can cause some serious problems like a shortage of breathing or ineffective therapy. Whether it is due to your shifted position or due to leakage in your mask, it needs to be addressed properly.

In such a case, you might consider tightening your mask using a liner. Getting a better seal ensures that you are less likely to wake up or remove your mask in the middle of the night.

To avoid this problem, you can consider using an automatic CPAP machine that alerts you to avoid wearing the mask again. It will help you to have a steady and effective treatment. Also in case, your mask is uncomfortable, then consider changing it. You can pick the most suitable type of mask based on your breathing behavior.

If you are a mouth breather, then you can consider using a full-face mask. Those who are nose breather and have claustrophobic issues can consider using the nasal mask for ease of breathing.


In case you are not feeling confident with your CPAP therapy, then it is not at all going to show any difference in your therapy. Thus, it is important to make sure that you are maintaining all the proper ways while using a CPAP device for your treatment. Also, consider changing the accessories from time to time to get proper ease of breathing.

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