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Things to know about using the BiPAP devices

Things to Consider Before Buying CPAP Machines

Things to know about using the BiPAP devices

Your daily life and the well-being of health can get disrupted anytime due to a startling breathing problem. Whether it is sleep apnea, pneumonia, or any other potential COPD device can anytime cause harm to your health. However, seeking the right treatment for it at the right time is the best way to retain the well-being of your health. Most of the time your doctor can suggest you use breathing devices like BiPAP. However, to use the BiPAP devices to receive the most effective treatment you have to use them in the proper way. Here is what you need to know about using the BiPAP device:

Why might you need to use BiPAP?

Unlike the other devices such as CPAP or APAP the BiPAP is not only used for treating Sleep Apnea. Rather it works as a highly effective device for multiple breathing-related issues. Here is why you might consider switching to BiPAP devices for your treatment:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD)
  • Pneumonia
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Obesity hypoventilation syndrome
  • Asthma Flare-up
  • Neurological diseases that cause disruption in breathing
  • Poor breathing post-surgery

However, before switching to the BiPAP devices it is important to keep in mind that it is not at all a good option if the breathing condition is very poor. Also, it will not be the right option for you if you are suffering from reduced consciousness or swallowing problems. However, instead of BiPAP, you might sometimes require a ventilator with a mechanical tube inserted through your throat. BiPAP can also be used for the tracheostomy which is a procedure to create an airway in your windpipe. Sometimes your doctor can suggest you use the BiPAP to shift from the ventilator as the breathing improves.  At some time if you do not want a breathing tube but prefer some assistance for breathing, in such cases BiPAP devices come as the most useful one.

How do you prepare yourself for using the BiPAP devices?

Before you start using the BiPAP for your treatment, you need to know about its parts properly. Hence be familiar with yourBiPAP device first. Here is what a BiPAP device usually includes:

  • The motor of the machine which helps in blowing the air into the tube
  • The tubing which connects the motor of the machine to the mask and the plugs
  • An appropriate mask
  • A humidifier to keep the passageways moisturized

While you go to buy a BiPAP machine for your home purpose use, then you need to get teh advice of the professional who sells the BiPAP equipment. Make sure you are picking the BiPAP device which will suit your purpose properly. Make sure the mask you are using for yoruBiPAP rightly suits your preference and offers you the proper delivery of the air without any kind of inconvenience in the airflow. Before starting the BiPAP therapy you might require the machine to be calibrated. Make sure you are properly adjusting the settings before using the machine. A respiratory therapist might help you properly in such matters. Make sure that the setting is absolutely correct before using the machine.

What happens during the use of the BiPAP?

As you first start using the BiPAP device you might feel a bit uncomfortable. However, it becomes easier as the time passes. In case you are feeling that you cannot breathe properly using the BiPAP device then you must talk to your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Your physician will suggest another pressure setting on your machine. At the same time while receiving the therapy it is important not to eat or drink anything, as you might inhale your food into your lungs which can cause danger.


While using the BiPAP the patients need to follow all the necessary guidelines to receive the most effective treatment through it. Also, it is important to make sure that you are maintaining the proper hygiene while using the BiPAP device for your treatment. At the same time, it is important to keep checking the pressure range if you are using it on a daily basis.

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