Frequently asked questions about ECG Machines

How much an ECG Machine cost? Update price in 2022.

An ECG machine price ranges from INR 14,000 to INR 190,000 depending on the number of channels and features required. 12 channel machine price is higher than compare to 3 channels or 6 channel ECG machines.

Where can you buy ECG Machine online in INDIA?

Buy ECG machine online in India in 2022:-

The most common way to buy an ECG Machine is online now a days, you don’t have to search for “ECG Machine near me”. You can buy your ECG Machine at online. This allows you to quickly deliver, the lowest price and a lot of range and option of ECG Machine.

RespBuy offers top branded ECG Machine including 1,3,6 and 12 channel ECGs  and can make sure you have just the best portable ECG machine for your needs. Our highly trained medical team will discuss your concerns with you and can provide you best ECG machine for hospital within your budget price.

Here also we are listing some models of patient ECG machine:-

What is ECG or EKG Machine and what does it can do?

What is ECG? or What is an EKG (Electrocardiograph)?

An electrocardiogram or ECG is a test that measures your heart’s electrical activity to see if it works normally. An ECG records the rhythm and activity of the heart on a moving paper strip or line on a screen.

In other words, ECG machine is the physiological function detecting equipment to record waveform of electric activity of the heart. It can provide the basic information of various heart diseases for diagnosis and treatment use. Normal ECG or abnormal ECG reading are interpreted by the physician doctor or cardiologist.

Which are the best brands/manufacturer of ECG machine in India in 2022? ( Updated in March)

Here we are listing some best branded ECG Machine by available in the Indian market. 

1) BPL Medical – BPL is one of the top manufacturer of ECG machine, TMT machine  Holter monitor etc. Their ECG Machine are manufactured using the most advanced technologies and are loaded with extraordinary features for optimum performance. Product range of BPL ECG includes 1, 3, 6 and 12 channel BPL ECG Machine.

2) Comen Medical – Comen medical also offer ECG machines at budget friendly prices. Comen ECG Machine are manufactured using the most advanced technologies and are loaded with extraordinary features for optimum performance. Product range of Comen ECG Machine includes 1, 3, 6 and 12 channel ECG Machines.

3) Contec Medical – Contec Medical offer ECG machines at budget friendly prices. Contec ECG Machine are manufactured using the most advanced technologies and are loaded with extraordinary features for optimum performance. Product range of Contec ECG Machine includes 1, 3, 6 and 12 channel  ECG Machines.

4) Schiller Healthcare – Schiller is Well-known brand in medical industry. Product range of Schiller ECG Machine includes 1, 3, 6 and 12 channel  ECG Machines.

5) GE Healthcare – GE ECG Machine includes 6 and 12 channel  ECG Machines. Their ECG System delivers an EMR-ready solution with reliable ECG information through its clinically proven ECG Analysis Programs.

6) Philips Healthcare – Philips ECG machine is Well-known brand in medical industry. Their Philips TC20 ECG Machine is one of the top-selling ECG machine.

Except above-mentioned brand you can explore other brands RMS (Recorders and Medicare System), Clarity Medical & Bionet Medical.

You can buy online your ECG machine at which provide all INDIA service and free delivery. International shipping also available.

Which is the best ECG machine? ( Updated in March, 2022)

Before buying ECG Machine the first question that will come to mind is which ECG Machine is the best. So, there is no need to be concerned; let us tell you about the top best ECG Machine available in India in 2022.

Here we are listing some best branded hospital ECG machines by available in the Indian market: – Top ECG Machine in 2022 In India

What is Electrocardiograph and Electrocardiogram?

An electrocardiograph is ECG instrument which records ECG wave and ECG interpretation on a special ECG chart paper. Whereas Electrocardiogram is ECG test report which shows ECG tracing and EKG interpretation recorded on ECG chart paper. ECG graph test reports also known as EKG test report.

ECG full form is electrocardiograph or electrocardiogram.

  • Electrocardiogram definition: Electrocardiogram is ECG test report.
  • Electrocardiograph definition: Electrocardiograph is ECG machine/ instrument.

What is the Principle of Operation for conventional ECG Machine?

The Principle of Operation of an ECG machine:-

ECG is the waveform of bioelectrical changes on the skin which are caused by the successive stimulation from pacemaker to atrium and to ventricle in each cardiac cycle and which are detected and displayed by the electrocardiograph. ECG is the objective indicator of the generating, conduction and recovery process of cardiac stimulation.

What are the different types of ECG Machine?

1) Single Channel ECG Machine Single Channel ECG machine is basic ECG Machine that prints single ECG waveform /channel at a time. Like this type ECG Machine’s paper has space for only single trace at a time. So, All 12 channels  of ECG Machine report will be printed one by one on the paper. However, nowadays single channel ECG machine comes in automatic modes. So, it will print all 12 channel automatically one by one without manually changing the leads. Most single channel ECG machines use 50 mm paper width. BPL ECG Machine 6108 is example of the single channel ECG machine.  Single ECG Machine Price range is INR 15,000 to INR 35,000.

2)  3 Channel ECG Machine: As the name suggest, 3 Channel ECG Machine print 3 waveforms/channels at a time. It means the total 12 waveforms will be printed in 4 sections. This report format is called 3×4 format. 3 Channel ECG Machine also print a rhythm lead in some cases. Major 3 channel ECG machines use ECG Paper of 80 mm -90 mm width.   It depends on the ECG Machine model and price. 3 Channel ECG Machine Price range is INR 27,000 to INR 50,000.

3) 6 Channel ECG Machine : 6 Channel ECG Machine prints 6 waveforms in one go. So, its paper width is wide as compare to 3 channel ECG Machines. So, print format of 6 channel ECG Machines would be 6×2. 6 channel ECG Machine report length is comparatively less because page width is large.6 Channel ECG Machine Price range is INR 37,000 to INR 75,000.

4) 12 Channel ECG Machine12 channel ECG Machines can print 12 waveforms simultaneously. 12 channel ECG can print in 6×2 and 3×4 formats. So, it is also called multichannel ECG machine. Most of 12 Channel ECG Machine are known to print ECG report on A4 size paper. And Report is wide and paper length is less. So it is easy for Doctors to analyse and compare the ECG waveform. 12 Channel ECG machine use 210 mm to 216 mm wide paper.   12 Channel ECG Machine Price range is INR 50,000 to INR 150,000.

What does a ECG Machine Box Contain ?

Following are the main contents of an ECG box:

  1. ECG main unit
  2. ECG machine Patient cable with lead wires
  3. Limb electrodes 4 nos.
  4. Chest electrodes 6 nos.
  5. ECG Record paper (rolled paper)
  6. 220V power cord & fuse
  7. User Operational Manual & Warranty Card
  8. ECG Jelly (Optional)
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