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What is the working principle of ECG Machine

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What is the working principle of ECG Machine

What is an ECG Machine?

ECG is the simplest and easiest way to evaluate the condition of the heart. 

It is a test to ensure your heart is working on track without disbalance. 

ECG records the impulses to show how fast your heart is beating, its rhythm, timings and impulses that show the movement of heartbeats in your body. 

Changes in ECG machine can lead to various signs and signals of your heart condition.

Why might you need it? 

Some of the reasons for the need for ECG includes:

  • To look for the cause of chest pain 
  • To evaluate various heart-related problems including severe tiredness, shortness of breath, dizziness or fainting. 
  • To determine the overall health of the heart in general. As well as before the surgery, so that doctors can be aware of how positive or negative the situation is. 
  • To check how an implanted pacemaker is working. 
  • To determine how heart-related medicines are working.  
  • To ensure that the overall health of the heart is good and is working at its best without any worries or tensions. 

What is the working principle of an ECG machine?

  • It operates on the idea that when a muscle contracts, a tiny electric current is produced, which may be detected and measured by electrodes strategically positioned on the body.
  • In a resting electrocardiogram, the subject lies down while electrodes are placed on their arms, legs, and six different places over their hearts. A special jelly is used to adhere the electrodes to the subject’s skin.
  • An electrocardiograph tracks variations in current on a moving piece of paper using a sensitive lever.
  • A modern oscilloscope displays current on a screen and can also be connected to an electrocardiograph.

How effective is it?

Although it doesn’t always detect every heart issue, an ECG is fairly accurate at diagnosing many types of heart illness. 

Even if your ECG is completely normal, you can still have heart disease. 

If your test results are normal, but your doctor believes you may have a cardiac condition, he may advise that you undergo another ECG or another kind of test to be sure.

What happens during the ECG Test?

ECGs can be performed as an outpatient procedure or as part of a hospital stay. The steps may change depending on your situation and your doctor’s procedures.

An ECG generally proceeds as follows:

  • Removing any jewellery or other object that could interfere with the test is necessary.
  • You will be required to take off everything below the waist. The technician will preserve your privacy by covering you with a sheet or gown and exposing only the essential skin.
  • You will lie flat on a table or bed for the test. During the procedure, you must remain still and silent to avoid changing the ECG tracing.
  • The technician may shave or clip tiny areas of hair as necessary to ensure that the electrodes cling firmly to the skin if your chest, arms, or legs are particularly hairy.
  • You’ll have electrodes affixed to your arms, legs, and chest.
  • The electrodes will be connected to the lead cables.
  • The technician may enter personal data about you into the machine’s computer after the leads have been attached.
  • The ECG will now begin. It will take only a brief time for the tracing to be done.
  • The technician will disconnect the leads and remove the skin electrodes after the tracing is finished.

Hoping that this blog has given you a good amount of ideas about how an ECG machine works, what its advantages are & how effective it is!!

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