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Difference Between Philips AEDs – Heart Start FRX vs Heart Start HS1

Difference Between Philips AEDs – Heart Start FRX vs Heart Start HS1

Want to have an automatic defibrillator for your home, office, warehouse, society, factory or hospital and not sure about the difference between two famous models from Philips? Below post will give you a details understanding of the differences between Heart Start FRX and Heart Start HS1.

The two main differences are:

1) FRX is water proof so suitable for rough environment, whereas HS1 is not water proof.

2) The activation of therapy is automatic in HS1 whereas in FRX you need to press a button.

Please refer below table for more details:

AreaPhillips HeartStart FRx AEDPhillips HeartStart HS1 AED
ActivationPress the green power buttonAutomatically turns on upon pulling the ‘pull’ lever
InstructionsAudio with visuals on pads for clarityAudio with visuals on pads for clarity
Automatic shock deliveryPress of a button once AED advisesPress of a button once AED advises
Easy for a user to open the electrode pad packageYESYES
Easy for a user to remove the backings from the electrode padsYESYES
Easy for a user to control if and when a shock is deliveredYESYES
Significant instructions/signage explaining how to set a casualty up for shock (clothing removal, hair removal, pad placement)Yes – audio instructions in step-by-step formYes – audio instructions in step-by-step form
Infant Child PadsYES. Insert key to reset AED to paediatric modeMust manually swap to child pads
ColourDark with the relevant tools in bright colours to gain users immediate attentionDark with the relevant tools in bright colours to gain users immediate attention
Avoids shocking a responderYESYES
Avoid shocking a bystanderYESYES
Avoid shocking casualty when considered inappropriateYESYES
Casualty receives CPRYESYES
Casualty with shockable rhythm actually receives the shockYESYES
Minimal time-to-shock after CPR for potentially better survivalYES (8-10 seconds)YES (8-10 seconds)
RuggedYESNot recommended for rough environments
UsageIndustrial sites, around water/dust, extreme environments, childcare centres, sports facilities, gymsGeneral purpose, office environment, warehouses, retail, etc

Conclusion: Both the AEDs are almost identical. FRX is more suitable for rough environment whereas HS1 is a ideal choice for home, offices or indoor protected environment. For more details, please contact us at sales@respbuy.com.

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