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How to Choose the Best Respiratory Care Devices for You

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How to Choose the Best Respiratory Care Devices for You

A respiratory protection device is often known as a respirator that got designed for workers to prevent them from inhaling contaminated air. It functions either by covering the mouth and nose or the entire face or even head to protect the laborers from hazardous infectious airborne substances.

Generally, there are two types of respirators, air-supplied respirators and air-purifying respirators. Thus, when it comes to selecting the right respirator, it is crucial to process keeping certain things in mind. In this article, we will tell you what those factors are that one must take care of.

Level of Respiratory Hazard

One of the most important things that you need to know and must remember while opting for a respirator is its level of protection. And for that, the first thing that anybody must think about is the type of containment one needs to be protected against. Then comes the form of containment and how toxic it is for your health. Apart from that, there is another factor upon which your respirator must be judged your duration of exposure to the hazard. And lastly, your specific sensitivity to the containment you work in.  

Type of Material Used to Made the Respirator

The usage of material in your respirator is another important factor that needs to be checked. Presently, respiratory care devices are made with a wide range of materials. But you need to know which one will suit you the most. And to know that, you have to be aware of the type of containment you get mostly exposed to. There are various classes of particulate filters based on the particulate material. Those are even varied on levels of filter efficiency and oil resistance. The category gets divided into N series (not resistant to oil), R series (resistant to oil), and P series (oil-proof). Thus, taking care of the material used in a respirator gets important.   

Weight of the Respirator

Since you have to wear the respirator for a long time, it’s important to consider the weight as well. The heavier a respirator, the quicker you are prone to get fatigued. On average, a person works for eight hours a day, which means a person has to wear a respirator for straight eight hours. And in that case, it is crucial to opt for a lighter one that can be worn for a longer time. The weight of the respirator also depends on the material used in it. Thus, it becomes a wholesome package to check if the respirator is correct for you.  

A comfortable level of the Respirator

Comfort becomes another factor, which is crucial for anyone. Although many times it is overlooked while selecting a respirator. If your respirator is not at all comfortable, it becomes difficult to wear it throughout the day. Along with that, there are some other things to consider as well, like if you wear glasses or you need to wear anything other protective equipment while using respiratory care devices. Depending on all these facts, you can select the best respirator for yourself.  

Donning, Fit Testing, & Proper Use

Make sure you know the way of donning and use the respirator correctly. Buying a good product is not enough if you don’t know its proper usage. All your early efforts go in vain in that case. That is why you require assistance, a safety professional, or ask your supervisor for guidance. Also, undergo a fit test of your respirator to assure there is an airtight seal between the respirator and your face for complete protection. The more perfect it fits you, the better protection a respirator provides you.     

Care, Storage, & Maintenance

After getting done with all the above steps, make sure you are aware of how to take care, maintain, and store your respirator. For example, you must know the procedure of inspecting and cleaning your respirator after every usage. Also, while buying the respirator, you must always read the manufacturer’s manuals and instructions to assure you understand the action you got to take. Thus, don’t forget to check these facts before using them.


Hence, these are the initial factors that one needs to check before buying a respirator. However, the procedure keeps continuing even after buying the respirator. Hope this content has been helpful to you.

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