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How do you keep your nasal cushion clean?

How do you keep your nasal cushion clean?

How do you make your CPAP treatment more effective and highly beneficial for you? The answer is simple. You need to keep cleaning your machines from time to time so that it gets an add-on to its longevity and gives you hygienic air delivery.

To manage your sleep apnea, making a habit of wearing the mask every night for the CPAP treatment is the first task for you. The second task is keeping all your CPAP accessories, including the nasal cushion, clean so that it does not get the chance for any of the bacteria to build up.

The nasal cushion that you use for your treatment comes into contact with dust and other particles. Hence keeping it clean is highly important. Here is what you need to more about the cleaning:

Why do you need to wash your Nasal cushion regularly? 

While you are already having sleep apnea-related problems, you must not want to get infected with any of the other diseases of the infection. This is why you must be managing all of your accessories from time to time. Washing them and keeping them clean is the key to complete hygienic treatment. Here is how it benefits you in various ways:

  • Cleaning your nasal cushion from time to time ensures that it is out of any kind of musty odor or bad smells, which can make you feel better while using it.
  • Effectively prevents the growth of any kind of mold or bacteria
  • Cleans any kind of mineral deposits that can take place while you use the humidifier attached with it.
  • Decreases the potential presence of any kind of allergens which can save you from sneezing
  • Reduces the risk for any sinus infection, pneumonia, or upper respiratory infection
  • Maintains the good condition of the mask for a long time

How often do you need to clean your nasal cushion?

Almost all the CPAP equipment manufacturers recommend you to have regular cleaning for your machine. Especially when it comes to the nasal cushion, it needs to be cleaned in a very frequent manner.

For any of your masks or nasal cushions, you must consider cleaning them every day after you use them. Cleaning it every day will ensure that you are not getting sick due to it.

How do you clean your nasal cushion?

Many of the brand’s nasal cushions come with specialized detergents, which are easily available at the store. However, if you are not getting any of the specialized cleaners, then you can use any of the common CPAP equipment cleaners for the purpose.

So what will you need for the cleaning? 

You will need a few supplies for cleaning the mask. Here is what you will need to keep your nasal cushion clean:

  • Nasal cushion
  • Warm water
  • A clean cloth or a small sponge
  • Mild antibacterial soap
  • A clean towel

Here is how you do it step by step:

  • First of all, you need to detach the nasal cushion from the CPAP hose where it stays attached. Remove it carefully so that you can take it for cleaning.
  • Then you need to wipe off the mask carefully using a damp clean cloth. Make sure there is no dirt or debris left while cleaning the mask.
  • Prepare a soapy solution with warm water and mild soap. Soak the cushion in the solution for a few minutes.
  • After that, you need to leave it from the solution and then simply rinse it using the clean distilled water.
  • After that, simply dry the nasal cushion using a dry towel so that you can use it again.


As you have to use the CPAP machine and the nasal pillow mask regularly, you must maintain it properly. Keeping it clean makes sure that the air you are receiving is completely clean and germ-free so that you do not get attacked with any further infection.

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