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Mostly used diagnostic devices for the respiratory system

Mostly used diagnostic devices for the respiratory system

The respiratory conditions and the complications are quite common among the patients. Every year millions of patients get diagnosed at the clinics with their abnormal respiratory conditions. Unlike the usual diagnostic devices like the stethoscope, the respiratory diagnostic centers use some more critically constructed devices which are capable of giving the best kind of test. The dedicated respiratory diagnostic devices are simply filled with functions that allow them to give more accurate results. So what are the commonly used diagnostic devices for the respiratory system? Have a look:

Pulse oximeter

The pulse oximeter is one of the most commonly used equipment for oxygen measurement in the body. The pulse oximeter comes as a small device that is made of sturdy material. This machine clamps properly on the top of the fingertip. The oximeter comes with a very easy-to-read display window in the front area. It can give results within a few seconds regarding your pulse and the oxygen saturation level in the blood. It measures oxygen saturation and gives faster results on the window.


The spirometer is another one of the very popular kinds of diagnostic devices which is commonly used to test respiratory complications. The spirometers are used for measuring the airflow, and it detects how well the lungs of the patient is working. As the patient breathed into this device, it can measure the amount of air that has been taken for breathing in and out. At the same time, it also delivers results about how fast a patient can perform the respiratory activities of inhaling and exhaling. The spirometers help in tracking the performance of the lungs over time. At the same time, it gives detailed data about the deterioration and the progress of the lung’s functionalities.

X-ray device

 The x-ray is one of the most commonly done diagnoses, which helps in determining the various problems in the chest and the respiratory system. For pneumonia, an infection that causes fluid build-up in the lungs gets examined through the x-ray. At the same time, it also helps in diagnosing cancer or any kind of scar tissue build-up in the lungs, which is known as pulmonary fibrosis.


A bronchoscope is a device that is used to see the inside area of the airways and the lungs. It uses the endoscopic technique to visualize the airways for diagnosis and therapy. The instrument is inserted through the airways or a tracheostomy. It helps in viewing and examining the abnormalities that build up in the airways. At the same time, it looks for any kind of bleeding, tumors, or foreign body build-up, which disrupts the performance of the lungs. It includes a metal tube that is attached to the lighting devices and a flexible optical fiber instrument that makes up real-time videos.

Peak Flow meter

The peak flow meters comes as a much inexpensive and portable device that is used for the diagnosis of severe to moderate asthma attacks. It measures how the air is moving out of the lungs by determining the peak flow with the help of the meter.

The meter measures how fast the air is coming to the lungs when the patient is exhaling forcibly after inhaling completely. The measure it uses is known as the peak expiratory flow. With the help of this device, it is easier to know the condition of asthma, whether it is in proper control or it is worsening.


The respiratory diagnosis devices are widely used for various breathing or respiratory-related issues like COPD, pneumonia, bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, or any other abnormality build-up in the respiratory system. It offers complete, accurate results on time and makes sure that the patients are getting the right treatment for the right condition. Hence the use of the best quality respiratory devices is at a peak in most of the hospitals and diagnostic centers to get clear results.

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