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What are the most common medical diagnostic devices?

What are the most common medical diagnostic devices?

Diagnostic medical equipment is the major component that is used for diagnostic purposes. It helps the physicians to measure and observe the various health aspects for the patient so that they can get the optimal diagnosis. The medical diagnostics devices are the initial part of treatment, which paves the way for the next treatment.

The diagnostic medical equipment is found mostly in the care centers for the patients who come to the emergency room or in the chambers. Also, it is widely used in intensive care units for the regular health monitoring of patients. Here are some of the very common medical diagnostic devices that you need to know:


The first and one of the most popular types of medical diagnostics devices is the stethoscopes that you will find over the next of every doctor. It is used for listening to the sounds of the heart. Also, it delivers the sound of the lungs, and blood flows in the veins and in arteries. Stethoscopes are widely used to diagnose various diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, arrhythmia, heart diseases, heart palpitations, and heart valve-related issues. These are usually used along with another device that is used to measure blood pressure.


The ophthalmoscopes are usually handheld tools that allow the clinician to see through the fundus of the eye of a patient. These kinds of diagnostic tools are commonly used for physical exams. It helps in diagnosing diseases like glaucoma, detached retinas, or bacterial infections. Usually, these types of medical diagnostic devices are available in two types. Direct ophthalmoscopes deliver an image with 15 times of magnification. These tools are used as close as possible to the eye of the patient.  The indirect ophthalmoscopes, on the other hand, produce an inverted kind of image with 5 times magnification. These are held at quite a distance from the eye of the patient, which includes a more powerful light. It helps in diagnosing cataracts.


Another very common diagnostic device that you will find is the Sphygmomanometers which are used for measuring blood pressure. This is usually used in diagnosing diseases like diabetes, the higher blood flow of pressure, arterial plaque, hypertension, artery hardening, etc. The manual Sphygmomanometers are mostly used as the reliable ones for routine checkup. At the same time, it delivers more information during the higher-risk scenario. The Aneroid Sphygmomanometers, on the other hand, are not that reliable as they can lose the calibration during the bumping. Digital Sphygmomanometers are the electronic ones that monitor blood pressure. The digital ones can be inflated either manually or automatically.


Electrocardiographs are used to measure any kind of electrical activity in the heart. As the heart rate can be recorded during the test, it is used as a real-time result showing a device for emergency situations. It comes with two indicators for any of the issues related to the heart. Physicians can read the electrocardiographs to determine the size and the position of the heart chamber. At the same time, it is used to determine any kind of damage in the heart and the impact of any kind of device implant or drug impact.


The Otoscopes are usually handheld devices that help the clinicians to look into the ear canal of the patient. At the same time, it helps to view the tympanic membrane through its magnification lens. The Otoscopes help to diagnose various ear infections, vertigo, swimmers’ ear, tinnitus, and Meniere’s disease. The head of the otoscope comes with a light attached to it. The light is paired with a magnifying lens which makes it easier to view the middle area of the ear. The physician enters one portion of the device inside the middle ear area, which is known as the speculum.


The medical diagnosis is simply impossible without the right kind of devices. This is why doctors are going to use the right kind of tools while diagnosing your particular problem. Knowing about the basic devices can give you a better idea about what your doctor is suspecting while diagnosing. Also, it is important to ensure that the devices doctors are using are properly functioning and flawless so that you never face any wrong treatment due to it.

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