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Things You Need to Know While Using CPAP Nasal Mask


Things You Need to Know While Using CPAP Nasal Mask

Patients with CPAP often face hard times due to their wrong choice of masks. Most of the CPAP treatments offer a bulky size of the full-face mask, which makes it difficult for the patients to move freely or sleep in the way they want.

For those who have issues with claustrophobic full coverage, a CPAP nasal mask serves them the proper comfort while they sleep. Instead of covering the full face, the nasal mask offers protection only to the nostrils and nasal area.

How does the nasal mask work?

The nasal mask serves as protection near the area from the bridge to the upper lip. It is the best gear for those who require higher pressure settings for their CPAP treatment.

For those who have mild sleep apnea, nasal CPAP therapy offers proper relief during their sleep. While the device blows the airflow inside your nose to help you in overcoming the obstruction, the features and functionalities of a nasal mask make the delivery easier.

This kind of CPAP nasal mask creates a seal around your nose in a triangular shape and keeps the position properly. They do not tend to cover their mouth. So, here is how it helps:

  • Improves sleeping, which is very obvious, and the main purpose of the mask.
  • Lessens the anxiety and gives a good mood
  • If you are having a good sleep, you are automatically going to become productive.
  • Better improvement in memory and increased concentration

When you need CPAP nasal masks?

Suppose you are not reaching up to the expected results while using the nasal pillows, and full-face masks may not become effective. At that point, the nasal masks offer the best therapy. Here is how you can decide if you need a nasal mask for your effective sleep apnea therapy.

  • Do you need a higher pressure setting on your CPAP machine/ then the full-face gears may not work, as it distributes the pressure in a large area, which dims the higher settings? A nasal mask, on the other hand, ensures that the higher pressure is delivered through the nostrils.
  • If you prefer a more natural airflow, then the nasal face gears can help you much, as it tends to give you the proper airflow without any obstruction.
  • For those who are habituated to move too much in their sleep, a bulky face mask imposes difficulties for them. Nasal face gears offer light support with proper airflow.

How to mark the difference between a nasal pillow mask and a nasal mask?

A nasal pillow tends to rest at the entering point of your nostrils, while a CPAP nasal mask covers the full nose.

The nasal pillow works by creating a seal that paves the way for the direct pressurize air properly into the nose. A nasal CPAP, on the other hand, delivers an indirect airflow with a higher pressure setting to make the delivery seem more natural.

The direct airflow of the nasal pillow oftentimes makes it difficult as patients find it irritating to cope with the direct pressurized air.

What are the limitations of a CPAP nasal tool?

The nasal face gear is not all a good choice for those who tend to breathe with the mouth. Also, sometimes the patients face irritation from the pressure on their forehead or the bridge area of the nasal point.

It is not at all a good selection for those who have issues related to cough, cold, and sinus blockage, and allergies.

Also, it may not be good for those who have medical conditions like a deviated septum or narrow and collapsed valves in the nasal area.

How to increase the effectiveness of therapy with a nasal mask?

If you are having problems with keeping your mouth open while sleeping, then you can use the nasal masks effectively along with a chip strap. A chin strap attached with a nasal gear keeps the jaw and mouth closed together to keep the airflow proper.


Choosing the right gear for your sleep apnea treatment is the best way to ensure that you have the right therapy. Talk to your physician about your complications and needs, and choose the right type of mask as per their suggestion.

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