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Things to consider while buying travel CPAP

Things to consider while buying travel CPAP

It is quite common to face sleep apnea-related problems, which can create an obstacle in your breathing. Especially when you travel for so long, the exhaustion of the journey and the lack of sleep make the situation more pathetic. But why would you compromise with your health when you can have the right supportive gear for your therapy? The travel CPAP devices are created in a way that makes them highly compatible for traveling. The design of the travel CPAP is very much suitable for those who have to move to various places quite often. At the same time, it delivers a very steady therapy even if you are traveling so that you can take quick, comfy naps in between the journey. So how do you pick the proper CPAP device for the travel purpose? Have a look:

Working type

While buying a travel CPAP, the first thing you must keep in mind is that you are choosing a machine that can work properly at your convenience. Most CPAP devices come in two major types- manual and auto. The manual devices are the ones where you can manually set up the pressure as per the prescribed settings.

The auto machines, on the other hand, are the smart ones that can automatically change the pressure setting as per your pressure requirement. The pressure in an APAP gets adjusted with the help of the device’s algorithm and with the flow sensors. These are currently the most popular ones and the highly responsive ones.

At the same time, you can also consider relying upon a machine that comes with both settings. Many CPAP devices feature both manual and automatic settings, which are effective for various situations, especially for traveling purposes. The Philips RespironicsDreamsStation Go Travel Auto CPAP is a good one for this purpose.


One of the most crucial factors to consider in your CPAP device is humidification. While receiving the air pressure, you might feel complications like drying out of your mouth and nose, which can make the experience irritating. For this reason, a humidification feature helps as the best helping hand, which keeps the passages moisturized so that you can receive a very comfortable range of air. Most of the modern travel CPAP devices come up with the in-built humidifier, which helps in delivering comfortable air.

Size of the CPAP

Especially for the travel CPAP, the size of the device is a much concerning factor.  For frequent traveling, you just need a device that has a compact and easier design. You must be able to pack it up easily and travel all along. Picking a portable and lightweight CPAP device is highly recommended for traveling purposes.  Devices like BMC M1 Mini Travel Auto CPAP are the most compact ones that are perfect.

A device that weighs near 300 – 500 gm is quite easy to tackle while you are traveling with your backpack. Avoiding a bulkier model is much recommended as it can make your travel experience horrible. The ResMedAirMini Travel Auto CPAP is the best lightweight device that you can pick.

Auto altitude adjustment

This feature is highly crucial when you are traveling to a much higher elevation. Especially when you are flying, you must pick a CPAP which is having auto altitude adjustment for the airways.

Many of the travel CPAP can adjust the setting on their own. Also, you can look up the machines on which you can change it manually.  The Breas Z1 Auto CPAP is the best option for this purpose.

A good range of power options

The travel CPAP that you are picking needs to have flexible power options which can help you to stay worry-free while traveling. Some of the devices accept DC power without the help of an adapter. On the other hand, some come with built-in USB ports. Also, some of the units can switch between 100v and 240v. You need to pick the machine that rightly meets all the flexible power options so that you don’t have to run for a suitable power source in the middle of your trip.


It is not very tricky to pick a good CPAP device for your travel purpose. Make sure you are checking on all the essential features so that you can have complete peace of mind and a good sleep in the middle of your trip. Make sure the unit you are choosing is much lightweight and includes all the essential features so that you can get a comfy and effective sleep. Moreover, make sure you are always picking the best brand which has the guaranteed effectiveness.

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